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The Verso 12 Way Mainswitch consumer unit complete with our type 2 Surge protection kit. Perfect for any MCB or RCBO installation. Additional height to support our Tall RCBO's and Compact RCBO's.


Our most popular consumer unit with electrical contractors in the UK.


Complete with 100A mainswitch with factory fitted Type 2 SPD kits (VCPS2K)




Verso 12 Way 100A Mainswitch Consumer Unit c/w T2 Surge Protection

Excluding Sales Tax
    • 10 Usable ways (with SPD)
    • Din Rail Included
    • Tail Clamp Included 
    • Integral spirit level
    • Sighting triangle
    • Captive screws on the lid
    • Neutral Conductor Included
    • Suitable for Din Rail mounted devices
    • Rear, top, bottom and side entry points
    • Grommet strip, busbar covers and entry plate incldued
    • Silver coated busbar incldued
    • Lockable lid compatible with VCPK-L
    • 265mm High for additional space
    • BS EN 61439 1&3
    • BS EN 61643-11
    • BS EN 60947-3
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