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  • Is every product within the Verso range Anti-microbial?
    Yes, with the only exception being the euro modules. These dat modules are made from a different plastic compound that doesnt share the same anti-microbial properties as the rest of the range.
  • How easy is it to change the modules in the switch plates?
    Exceptionally easy! All of the Verso switch plate modules are fixed to the plate with two screws. Simply unscrew the exsisting module and replace with the desired one just like that.
  • Is VCP fully 18th edition complaint?
    YES! VCP has been designed to exceed the exsisting regulations and comes with features such as the tails clamp factory fitted.
  • Does the Design 1.0 come with overcurrent protection for SPDs?
    Yes, the OCP is factory fitted with all SPD consumer units. Our recommendation for our SPDs is that a 32A MCB is used. You will find this in every Design 1.0 board


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