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The Verso Flex Outlet plate work with Verso Patresses and metal boxes. 86mm x86mm in size. 


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Verso 20A Flex Outlet Plate

SKU: V811
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Features:

    • 13A 250V AC 50Hz
    • 45A 250V AC 50Hz
    • 25mm Box
    • 35mm Box recommended for V322USB, V178, V178N, V322C
    • Supplied with M3.5 x 20mm screws and caps
    • V178 & V178N supplied with M3.5 x 30mm Screws and caps

    Verso Socket Outlet range are certfied to:

    • Complies with BS 1363-2
    • Complies with BS EN 62368
    • Complies with BS-4177
    • Complies with BS-5733


    • Single plate 86mm x 86mm
    • Double plate 146mm x 86mm
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