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The Verso 6MX is a perfect choice for providing complete circuit protection. It is complete with 100A Double Pole Isolator and comes with a T2 Hybrid Surge Protection kit factory fitted.


Additionally, it has a lockable lid as standard, extra height for more space when installing, and a great knockout arrangement including a large rear oval knockout.


The install pack included has a grommet strip and gland plate for the rear knockout.


To lock the lid purchase a VCPK-L 


Verso 6 Way 100A Mainswitch Consumer Unit withT2 Surge Protection

Excluding Sales Tax
    • 4 Usable ways (with SPD)
    • Din Rail Included
    • Tail Clamp Included 
    • Integral spirit level
    • Sighting triangle
    • Captive screws on the lid
    • Neutral Conductor Included
    • Suitable for Din Rail mounted devices
    • Rear, top, bottom and side entry points
    • Grommet strip, busbar covers and entry plate incldued
    • Silver coated busbar incldued
    • Lockable lid compatible with VCPK-L
    • 265mm High for additional space
    • BS EN 61439 1&3
    • BS EN 61643-11
    • BS EN 60947-3
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