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Verso Type A RCBOs are individually tested and certfied. These C Curve Devices have no earth fly lead and are Single Pole and switched neutral.


Each 30mA rated and with their own test button. Din rail mounted and along with the additional height in the Verso range of consumer units, provide the perfect solution to final AC circuits in any domestic installation. 


Type A Verso RCBOs are able to work with up to 6mA worth of pulsating DC trickle, to protect your circuits even with modern rechargable technologies present. 


SP+N Ensures that all live conductors are swticthed and makes this the ideal device for EV Charger installations. 



Available in amperages 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32 and 40.

Verso 6A Type A Compact RCBO (C Curve)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Features:

    • No. of pole: 1P & Switched N

    • Rated voltage: 240V AC

    • Rated current: 6-40A

    • Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

    • Tripping curve: C

    • Rated short-circuit current: 6000A

    • Operating characteristic: A type

    • Rated residual operating current: 30mA

    • Comply with BS EN61009-1

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