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The Verso 80A Switched Fuse with Shroud is ideal for protecting electrical circuits. It features a complete 80A fuse and comes with a durable plastic shroud included.


The larger terminals make the installation process easier, and the high-quality plastic ensures long-lasting performance.


This switched fuse is perfect for providing protection against overloads and short circuits.

Verso 80A Swicthed Fuse with Shroud

Excluding Sales Tax
    • 127mm (L) x 53.5mm (D) x 80.5mm (H)
    • Cream white cover
    • Base colour Black
    • 250V - 50Hz Maximum Voltage
    • Load rating 80A Max
    • 7.5mm/ 5.5mm Terminal sizes
    • IP20
    • 5 Year Warranty 
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